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Kickboxing Classes

Develop your body and build your confidence. The Champion Club offers one of the most comprehensive and respected kickboxing programs in Dubai through our studio in JLT. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a fitness program that strengthens your body from top to toe or an experienced fighter looking to test yourself and develop your skills further, our program will help you achieve your fitness or athletic goals. Led by world-renowned kickboxer Prince Amir, you’ll have everything you need to enhance your fitness, better your technique and fight safer and more effectively.

The Champion Club wants to make quality athletic and martial arts education accessible to more people, so we offer our classes at some of the most competitive rates in the city. Experience the physical and mental benefits of a comprehensive martial arts education at a price everyone can afford at our gym. Talk to our instructors today to learn how kickboxing can benefit you.

Strengthening your body in more ways

Kickboxing is a true whole body workout. Engaging all four limbs and relying heavily on a strong core and a high level of agility and endurance, it demands much from practitioners, but rewards the devoted. Regular kickboxers will be rewarded with better coordination and balance, a well-toned and lean body and a boost to their daily energy.

Revolving around sparring, it’s an excellent interval workout that has you pushing as hard as possible for victory, giving you a real objective to aim for. Choose to better yourself and choose kickboxing at The Champion Club.

Choose to benefit your health

The Champion Club has a strong, well-deserved reputation as an excellent martial arts studio, helping fighters of all fitness and experience levels better themselves. Find a class that fits into your lifestyle and helps you achieve your athletic goals.

Enjoy a complimentary first class and experience kickboxing for yourself. Contact us today to book yours.