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MMA Fitness provides authentic, up to date courses and certification in the delivery of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) inspired sessions for personal trainers, group fitness instructors and martial arts instructors. Gain your Boxing, Kick-boxing and MMA accreditation with Fitness Australia, earning CEC points and qualifying for insurance cover when running Boxing, Kick-boxing or MMA workouts for clients and classes.


MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, and refers to training that incorporates a variety authentic training techniques from martial arts such as:

– Boxing

– Kickboxing

– Thai Boxing

– Jiu Jitsu

and many others…

It is the style that has been made famous and popular by shows such as UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and CFC (Cage Fighting Championships) which sees fighters from MIXED Martial Arts pitted against each other in the octagon or ‘cage’.

In this style of bout, fighters are able to incorporate a full arsenal of martial arts, not limited to only boxing moves or kick-boxing moves – thus the term MIXED Martial Arts.


You will learn how to run safe, highly motivating, challenging and fully optioned Boxing, Kick-boxing and MMA classes and sessions.

Our courses are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently instruct individuals and groups through work-outs that incorporate traditional moves such as punching and kicking, and NEW TECHNIQUES like Breakfall, Sprawl and Guard Drill. This lets you add flavour, challenge and an MMA component to any pad based workout beyond just basic boxing and kickboxing.

Each course, each technique is fully vetted for safety and trialed in live client/group sessions before being delivered to you – so you can confidently deliver each technique to your client or class.


And then some!! The MMA Fitness team is made up of not just fighters, but also personal trainers, group fitness instructors, AND active martial arts instructors who actually train octagon (‘cage’) fighters….


We are passionate about martial arts inspired training, and love the full body workout you can achieve. We love empowering men and women to feel confident gloving up and knowing that they will finish the session a little (often a lot!) closer to the fitness they deserve.

Most importantly, we believe that every trainer and instructor, given the right resources and training, can teach kick arse sessions that will speak volumnes about their ability to create positive fitness gains for their clients and members, whilst keeping it interesting. We are committed to improving the confidence with which you lead your Pad Based sessions, and the range of technquies you have in your toolbox to create the right intensity and challenge for your clients and members, regardless of their starting place. We want you to be so good at what you do that you have more work than you can poke a stick at… AND by training with MMA Fitness you are able to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there, doing the same thing.