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Boxing Classes

Build strength and confidence in one of the most respected Western martial arts. Boxing at the Champion Club gives you a full work out, developing not only your upper body but also your physical and mental agility. We offer a full program that accommodates everyone from beginners looking to build their strength to experienced fighters looking to sharpen their skills. Led by master instructor Prince Amir, our Dubai boxing training program is suitable for fighters of all fitness and experience levels. With competitive membership rates and a central location in the beautiful Jumeirah Lakes Towers complex, The Champion Club makes receiving the instruction to better your body and your mind easy. We want everyone to be able to get the benefit of working with the region’s most talented and decorated instructors, so we keep the prices on our classes affordable, making them accessible to more people. Discover how we could help build a stronger you by starting a conversation with our staff today.

A multi-disciplined artform

Boxing offers practitioners at all levels a raft of benefits for the body and the mind. Not only is boxing recognised as one of the best ways to burn fat and tone muscle for a leaner physique, it strengthens bones and ligaments, helping to prevent injury in this and other sports. For weight-lifters and runners, it’s exceptional cross-training, bridging the gap between cardio and strength exercises and giving you the benefit of both. As with any martial art, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your body functions, allowing you to make decisions about your fitness with greater confidence. Make the choice to better your health and talk to the Champion Club today.

The right choice for every athlete

Boxing is just one of the martial arts offered at The Champion Club. Whether you’re interested in studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or karate, we can accommodate you. Start a conversation with one of our instructors and allow us to help you make the next step on your journey as a fighter.