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Your child will develop so many other skills from boxing and kickboxing.If
your child has self confidence problems then you may want to consider
putting them into kickboxing program. Team sport help build confidence and discipline and our goal is to help your child build confidence,self esteem and discipline that they can carry throughout their lives.
Benefits of kickboxing fitness is the abilty to focus,self control,respect. to others. Our youth program teach children kickboxing skills such as proper footwork and punching techniques. In addition they will learn on how to minimise their stamina and strength levels.



Your child will develop while improving their strength,balance,self
esteem.Champion club will provide a safe,fitness class that enhances every
student positive attitude. A typical hour-long class begins and ends with bow to the teacher. After a warmup students will practice the arts particular skills which may include kicks,punches and blocks.Each requires a strict attention.



Kids are programmed to run,jump,throw,carry and climb,using these movements while at play is not only important for keeping kids fit and health,its a necessary part of their development.Crossfit will help your child improve their strength,conditioning,balance,accuracy and coordination.

Personal Training


Regular one to one training is designed to get reach your goals and teach you professional technique. A fitness program developed for your childrens specific needs. our trainers will program their training and will treat them like unique individual.