The Gym For Dubai’s Most Dedicated Athletes

Get the support you need to succeed. The Champion Club is a dedicated martial arts gym offering a range of programs to help fighters of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness and experience levels run faster, hit harder and be better. Led by a team of qualified and experienced instructors – including internationally respected boxer and kickboxer Prince Amir – you’ll be provided with the guidance and advice you need to develop physically and mentally into a better practitioner of your chosen martial art.

Conveniently located in JLT, Dubai, The Champion Club helps people from across the city hone their skills, practice their techniques and learn, both from our talented instructors and their fellow fighters. Take a look at our range of programs and find something to suit you.

Making you stronger with boxing training, kickboxing classes, and more

A multi-discipline school, The Champion Club helps fighters develop a breadth of skills with our range of classes. Whether you’re a kickboxer, a karate practitioner, or a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we will have a class that takes your current practice further, while offering opportunities to develop a more rounded set of abilities. To amp up your boxing training, we have boxing classes that focus on improving your existing skillset, while adding more techniques to your arsenal. Our boxing classes are fully supervised to ensure you grow into proper habits gradually.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in a more diverse practice, then you might want to try our kickboxing classes. We will teach you how to strike effectively and enhance your technique according to proper execution.

Harness your fighting spirit and sign up for our Crossfit classes in Dubai, providing the muscle toning and cardio exercise you need to perform better and for longer when sparring.

The Champion Club is an inclusive fighting gym, helping everyone improve at their chosen sport. Whether you’re a talented fighter with years of boxing experience or a novice in kickboxing, we can accommodate you. We even offer children’s classes at our JLT gym, allowing your little ones the chance to familiarise themselves with the values and concepts of boxing, kickboxing, or other martial arts at an early age.

A focus on your journey

The Champion Club puts the focus on your goals and your needs. Our instructors will work with you to develop a training regime that suits your needs and helps you reach the level of fitness and proficiency you want. Book your complimentary first class with our office in JLT today and discover what so many of Dubai’s fighters already know.  


Individuals: 1 month Unlimited package : AED 599 3 month Unlimited package : AED 1,529 6 month Unlimited package : AED 2,875 Students CALLING ALL STUDENTS! Present your student ID at TCC an
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